“Counter Target Spell” – Mtg’s Top 10 Spell Countering Cards

“Counter Target Spell” – Mtg’s Top 10 Spell Countering Cards

Counterspell may not be as powerful as you once thought!

the second most annoying thing to getting all your land destroyed in a game of Magic the gathering is having all of your spells countered by a pesky opponent. I know personally I’d much rather get my card on the table for a brief moment and have it destroyed rather than lose out on my chance to play it at all! Thats exactly what spell countering cards do (collectively called counterspells). Does this sound familiar?… “I’ll play my Hypnox, tapping all 11 of my swam– COUNTER IT!! – S#!T!…” I’m not sure who is going to be hard casting Hypnox anytime soon, but its a fine example of what agrivates players across the globe. The following 10 cards are the most powerful and obnoxious counters in the game of MTG. Cast with caution, reactions may vary…

 #10 – Undermine – Invasion – Rare

A fancy little spin on a basic ability, Undermine can make the difference in a close game, hitting your opponent for the one-two punch of life loss and a fizzled spell. Unfortunately it sees little use because of its mana cost, but in the right black blue deck it truly finds its element.

#9 – Voidslime – Dissension – Rare

Another rare multicolored counterspell, Voidslime is the frosting on the Counterspell-does-not-need-to-be multicolored-with-a-large-mana-cost-and-a-small-second-ability cake. There is a reason why these “fancy” cards come up a little short on the list. Versatile? You bet. But can they come through in a tight spot for 3+ mana? hmmm.

#8 – Daze – Nemesis – Common

One of the very few cards in Nemesis worth mentioning, Daze is a spectacular early game cast. By the end of the game it may be a little useless with potential extra mana lying around for your opponent, but this expensive common can make or break the early game (or that opponent exhausting, potentially game ending Fireball).

#7 – Glen Elendra Archmage – Rare – Morningtide

This counterspell isn’t really a regular countering spell at all! In creature form, this pesky card is best dealt with with a counterspell of your own! Look out, because the 2 flying damage aside, the Archmage allows a player to counter 2 non-creature spells for the cost of 1 mana a pop!

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alensmith, posted this comment on Jan 12th, 2010

great nice info

albert1jemi, posted this comment on Jan 12th, 2010

good write

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Jan 12th, 2010

although not a counterspell, Stifle should get an honorable mention

alensmith, posted this comment on Jan 13th, 2010

Really good one.

Tawnos28, posted this comment on Jan 17th, 2010

A really great article overall, though in my personal opinon FoW deserves to be number 1, simply for its ability to stop so many degenerate combos that can go off before u can even get to 2 mana

crimson30, posted this comment on Jan 23rd, 2010

Just had to comment… that list is so wrong…

I’m thinking a much more sensible list would be like:

#1 Fow
#2 Drain
#3 Daze
#4 Stifle
#5 Spell Snare
#6 Blasts
#7 Counterbalance
#8 Spell Pierce
#9 Circular Logic
#10 Pact

Bob, posted this comment on Feb 20th, 2010

no remand? counter for one colorless and one blue and draw a card, sounds like a great deal to me.

P hales, posted this comment on Nov 7th, 2010


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