Magic the Gathering: Squirrel Combos and Deck Ideas

Magic the Gathering: Squirrel Combos and Deck Ideas

Powerful Squirrel Deck. How to overpower your opponent with a swarm of squirrels. Who needs zombies and avatars when these furry little guys are where its at?

I have been playing casual Magic the Gathering for many years now. I’ve seen the game evolve and certain aspects of it become more or less powerful. After having made my share of decks and experimenting with thousands of cards, it is now my job to share some of my knowlege with YOU!

Todays topic: Squirrels

It started as a joke. I’m thinkin’ “ok haha this deck could be a conversation piece at most”… boy was i wrong. as of today It is one of my most effective and quick decks with very little flaws. Whether it be multi player, one on one, two headed, emperor or whatever the squirrels seem to come out on top more often than not. (this deck is only legal in a type 1 tournament)

yea yea yea cut to the chase…

This is a mono-green deck.


Obviously base of the deck is the most important part. A good start it critical to any win…

Chatter of the Squirrel. This card gives you 2 1/1’s on your first couple turns.

Squirrel Mob. 3 mana for a card that, arguably, is one of the best atackers in the game. Focus your deck around this guy. Every squirrel that you play makes him bigger.

Mana Accelerators: Llanowar elves, Fyndhorn elves, Birds of paradise, whatever floats your boat. the better jump this deck gets the better, although I wouldnt add in any more than 4 in a 60 card deck.

Swarmyard. Regeneration is great, cause the 1/1’s dont always hold up. Later you can regenerate the big ones too.

Deranged Hermit. A Fantastic squirrel pumper that not only makes your squirrel mob bigger, but gives ALL sqirrels +1/+1

Squirrel Nest. Turn that everyday land into a squirrel generator. 4 of these are a great idea.

now for the fun stuff:

Add a Doubling Season or 2 to double the fun (or the pain).

Need some flying defense? Try a Spidersilk Armor.

Muragana petroglyphs will definatly help out the cause, giving all your 1/1 tokens and additional +2/+2 (all of a sudden squirrel nests are adding 3/3 creatures each turn)

Fog is always great if you get in a jam, but don’t overload on them.

Other cards to consider: Coat of Arms, Krosan Beast, Kamahl Fist of Krosa, Squirrel Wrangler, Crop Rotation*

Oh yea and did I mention the Game ending infinite Combos??

Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest + Forest

This allows you to put an infinite (or arbitrarily large) amount of squirrels into play tapped. that cant be good for your opponents. Although there are a couple ways around this combo, unless someone knows its coming, it is practicaly impossible to stop. Swarm through for lethal infinite damage. Try the combo with Luminecent Rain for INFINITE LIFE!

Or Give Squirrel Mob trample and trample over for INFINITE DAMAGE!

If you need to block with them (for some reason) add a Seedborn Muse.

The possibilites here are pretty much endless.  This combo is cool because it can beat an opponent even if they have an infinite combo out. Just set your “Arbitrarily large” number a little higher than theirs.

So in a nutshell (no pun intended), This deck is all about the combos. Personaly I use Elvish Visionary, Yavimaya Elder, Crop Rotation* and Minds Eye to speed the draw aspect of the game up a bit. Don’t hold back. Play as many squirrels each turn and don’t be affraid to loose a couple. Utilize flashback asap on cards like Chatter of the Squirrel and Acorn Harvest. Before you know it you’ll be swarming over your opponents for lethal damage.


now your ready to go squirrels.

*Crop rotation is a restricted card and may only appear once in a deck


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Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Mar 10th, 2009

good job on your article. i hope you make a lot of money. i put that combo in my new article about a few infinite combos. it should be online later tonight or tomorrow

mike, posted this comment on May 11th, 2009

too bad earthcraft is banned….

Mike1229, posted this comment on May 11th, 2009

I agree. it is legal in vintage tho last time i knew. haha it’s a fun casual deck :)

Johnboy, posted this comment on May 28th, 2009

A combo I use in my Squirrel Opposition deck is to combine Deranged Hermit with Lifeline ( ) to create 4 new squirrels every turn (don’t pay the echo cost on hermit, he will come back at the end of the turn with 4 more squirrels)

ryan, posted this comment on Jun 14th, 2009

a brilliant idea would be to include 2 or 3 taunting elf to make your squirrels damage get through every turn. maybe even throw a regeneration card on the elf… game over simply said

Tim, posted this comment on Jun 15th, 2009

I built a deck sort of like this on Anycraze, only I didn’t have as many good ideas about tribal helpers and mana acceleration. I did add something you don’t have in here. There’s another squirrel creature called Squirrel Wrangler. Rather expensive, but it lets you sac lands to pump up squirrels, or something like that. Add a Vernal Bloom and Summer Bloom, and 4 Crucible of Worlds. Sac all the lands you want and then get them right back out of your graveyard.

Jaymz, posted this comment on Jun 16th, 2009

Where’s the Parallel evolution?????

Anthony Crippin, posted this comment on Sep 10th, 2010

I have been playing with a squirrel deck for almost 10 years now….. it\’s the overall best deck out of all of my opponents i have ever faced… :-) i love it

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