Mtg : Building a Fast and Effective Goblin Deck

Mtg : Building a Fast and Effective Goblin Deck

The key to an effective Magic the Gathering goblin deck is direct damage, a swarm aspect and tribal abilities!

Goblins are great! They are clumsy yet sophisticated, powerful yet awkward, and one of the most fun strategies to use in a game of Magic the Gathering. A tribal goblin deck can provide a quick death to your opponents if played correctly. The following are some tips to building a fast, fun, casual, effective vintage goblin deck.

Starting off, make sure that your deck is purely tribal. there should be very few (if any) cards in this deck that are not goblins. These basic creatures do a great job of holding down the fort until the big guns arrive:


As said, everything in your deck should be goblin directed. Further on we will discuss why the tribal strategy is so important. These four goblins are some of the strongest available. While Mogg Sentry holds back early game attackers, Goblin Sledder can prove helpful in any situation whether, it be a larger attack or a quick responsive sacrifice of a card like Mudbutton Tourchrunner to deal some direct damage! Goblin Guide is also one of the most effective early game attackers around, putting Raging Goblin to shame (a 1/1 with haste for the same cost). These four goblins combo-ed with the following four cards can prove especially problematic for opponents….

These goblin associated cards really bring it up a notch! Without attacking at all you are more than capable of dealing lethal damage (especially with more than one Boggart Shenanigans). Simply sacrifice Mudbutton Torchrunner to Goblin Grenade for 8+ direct damage to any target(s)! Tap your remaining goblins to trigger the Fire Marshal’s ability and responsively sacrifice them to Goblin Bombardment to deal 10 damage plus an additional 1 or 2 with every goblin that goes to the graveyard! These four cards, while they don’t look like much, will be your game winners!

Now, Whats the KEY to an Effective deck? Acceleration.

Goblins have lots of acceleration available to them and it is crucial to include it when creating a good deck. Give these cards a whirl to really bring your goblin deck up to the next level! …

These cards all work amazingly well in a deck reliant on constant tribal fuel. While Howling Mine allows your opponents to draw extras as well, it’s a fair deal, because chances are, your goblin deck will be faster. Goblin Lackey allows you to dump ANY goblin from your hand into play pretty much on the second turn if it gets through. That leaves tons of options with over 200 goblins printed in Magic (the largest being the 6/6 Goblin Goon)! The Goblin Ringleader and Goblin Recruiter work well together, basically filling your hand up with your choice of goblins from your deck, all sacrifice-able to the combos mentioned above! They pretty much set the game up for an instant win!

Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Don’t be afraid to lose goblins almost as fast as youre playing them once you get your Shananigans and Grenades out! Running tribal goblins with mana costs no larger than three or four can be more than enough fodder for your combos and enchantments! Here are some final cards to consider to stick in to give your deck that extra offensive or defensive edge

A deck full of these cards can prove to be a tough deck for your opponents to beat. Four of each unique goblin ensures a constant influx of them! Remember to take it easy on land in this deck. While you still need it, the mana curve is very low and the deck is capable of running on just a few land. I’d recommend 20-22 in a 60 card deck. The speed, direct damage and just the pure chaos of the deck makes it really fun to play with. Minus Goblin Lackey and Goblin Piledriver, this deck can be assembled for relatively cheap too, so get your goblins together and go wreak some havoc on the opposition!

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