MTG: Building an Effective Vampire Deck

MTG: Building an Effective Vampire Deck

Build an effective Vintage Magic the Gathering deck featuring one of the coolest creature types ever!

With the Magic the Gathering release of Zendikar, players across the nation are all clamoring to build new decks. One of the strongest creature types to emerge from the set is “Vampire”. these creatures use a “Bleed” tactic and are relentless in their high powered damage dealing combined with life gain. While the standard format is dominated by decks running vampire decks, Vampires can also compete in vintage and kick some serious but in casual. Here are some tips on building an effective Vampire deck:

Start Small:

Vampires are some of the most cost effective cards around for a very small amount of mana, some very east to play first or second turn cards can be played. Blood seeker works exceptionally well. As does Bloodghast, Gatekeeper of Malakir, and Guul Draz Vampire.

All four of these uber-powerful cards can start the game off in your favor. Every little loss of life counts with vampires so cards like Blood Seeker can immediately start working for your cause. Bloodghast is almost like a down payment for later. If for some reason it leaves play, all you need to do is play a land. Get your opponent to 10 life and they have a very pesky problem! Imagine 4 of those coming at you every turn! Going along with the 10 life or less deal, Guul Draz Vampire transforms from a plain old 1/1 to a practically impossible to block 3/2 once your opponent hits the 10 life mark! Just with these four guys holding down the first few turns, the game is already looking to swing in your favor!

Once you establish whose boss in the beginging, bring out the heavy artillery:

These cards will not only gain you back any life you’ve managed to loose by now, they will punish your opponents dearly:


Vampire nocturnus is the staple of all vampire decks. Back when M10 came out there was some scepticism about whether the card was useful. Recently the price has increased by over 300% and people are kicking themselves for not keeping theirs from M10. Mr. Nocturnus gives all your Vampires +2/+1 and flying much of the time. A glimpse of Undead Warchief shows through in him and he will be running decks for many years to come. The Nighthawk is one of the most versitile cards ever printed and the Bloodwitch gains an unspeakable amount of life for its controller, especially in multiplayer! While Crovax may be slightly out dated, he is a vampire and his abilities can prove useful in a close game. (Or just kill all those $%#%ing Soul Wardens your opponents have out). These cards will be the cards that win you the game.

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penis, posted this comment on Nov 16th, 2009


Matt, posted this comment on Dec 22nd, 2009

This sounds god-like. I am going and following these guidelines to make an awesome deck.

dracula, posted this comment on Jan 5th, 2010

things to include:
blood tribute, sanguine bond, plus any vampire is a end game finisher (opponent loses half of his life and you gain half, and every life you gain they lose, so he lost 2 halves of his life)

blade of the bloodchief is nice equipment aswell since your bloodghast should be dying everyother turn, not to mention any creatures the bloodghast may kill and any doomblades you use

kalitas, bloodchief of the ghet is another heavy vampire which is very nice. He weakens your opponent’s army while increasing yours, also he helps out your blade of the bloodchief

also some people who run with bloodghast likes to also use deathpact (whenever a creature you control dies, every other player has to sacrifice a creature)

Nouto, posted this comment on Jan 27th, 2010

Blade of the bloodchief is indeed a very nice card. You could try putting in a few pestilence. 1 mana gets rid of all the 1/1 creatures in 1 shot. Make sure you have a nighthawk with the blade equipped to it and it will grow stronger for each creature destroyed this way. And a sanguine bond to double the damage you did with the nighthawk(lifelink).

Kay, posted this comment on May 12th, 2010

Oh my god.. You can\’t sacrefice a counters from dark depths with hexmage becouse hexmage removes only counters from permanents. Dark depths is a land which is not permanent.

rebelliousaardvark, posted this comment on May 12th, 2010

Yeah, KAY, I won’t go as far as Grinning Demon, but you are wrong. Land is a permanent. Otherwise why would Planar Cleansing specify NONLAND permanents. If land weren’t a permanent, it would just say: destroy all permanents.

Nintheja, posted this comment on Jun 9th, 2010

And just to clarify why a land IS a permanent… A permanent is any card that stays in play. So that means LAND, creatures, enchantments (of all kinds), and Artifacts. I’m not sure about the new Planeswalker card type, but I think they count as a permanent as well because they stay in play (I just haven’t looked up the rulings on them yet).

Card types that are not permanents include: Instant, sorcery, and cards that are removed from game or in the graveyard (they are not “in play” or “in the field of battle.”)

Now you know and knowing is half the battle (G.I. Joe!!!)

nintheja, posted this comment on Jun 9th, 2010

just looked it up on magic’s website. Yes a Planeswalker IS a permanent.

Mike1229, posted this comment on Jun 9th, 2010

lol thanks guys for clearing that up

tom, posted this comment on Sep 1st, 2010

Blood Tribute is fine, but good old corrupt is a better option for 6 mana in a straight black deck.

Sure, Corrupt doesn’t relate to Vampires, but Blood Tribute cannot kill your opponent, Corrupt can – plus it can be used as removal.

xMONSTROx, posted this comment on Oct 4th, 2010

Did anyone looked at Captivating Vampire?! Oh Yeeees!! It’s powerfull in this deck!
And a Demonic Appetite on the Bloodghast?! ;)

Drakx, posted this comment on Nov 22nd, 2010

Wow awesome deck I just wonder how many of each I have to put on the deck and the total cost of it tyvm

Ethan, posted this comment on Feb 28th, 2011

Did anyone think of a strata scythe it’s runs great with all black vamp decks. Turn 4 having a 6/6 creature never felt so great!!

TRider, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2011

For the person that said that Blood Tribute can\’t kill, If you have a Sanguine Bond out it kills instantly no matter what health they have… just saying.

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