Mtg: Edh Banned Card List

Mtg: Edh Banned Card List

These cards are Banned from play in the Elder Dragon Highlander Format.

As you know, EDH is a format in which players have unique decks of exactly 100 cards. Not two identical cards besides basic land may be used in the deck. One of the 100 cards must be a general of whom your deck must share exact colors with. Players start with 40 life and the general begins the game in a removed zone. It may be played at any legal time. As with other formats, EDH has several cards that are not allowed in the format.

Banned Generals:

Braids, Cabal Minion

Banned Cards:

Ancestral Recall



Black Lotus

Coalition Victory


Gifts Ungiven


Kokusho, the Evening Star


Library of Alexandria

Limited Resources

Lion’s Eye Diamond


Mox Ruby and others

Panoptic Mirror

Protean Hulk

Recurring Nightmare

Sway of the Stars

Time Vault

Time Walk



Worldgorger Dragon

Yawgmoth’s Bargain

Interestingly enough Shahrazad is legal in EDH. A card banned in all other sets, it proves an interesting play in EDH.

Of course EDH is a casual format, so the primary objective is to have fun! Feel free to add as many other cards as you like to the list, but general rule of thumb is to keep the above card outside the EDH format.

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Themax, posted this comment on Nov 10th, 2009

good to knew about banned things :)

Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Nov 10th, 2009

did you ever find out if cards that instantly make you win are just banned in general?

Mike1229, posted this comment on Nov 10th, 2009

I believe thats a house rule thing.
I think that those judgement block enchantments should be on this list, along with felidar soverign and door to nothingness.

crownafroz, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2009

very good articles is this. i like your articles please comment on my articles too.

herp crab, posted this comment on Apr 11th, 2010

can you use unhinged cards in edh?

Mike1229, posted this comment on Apr 12th, 2010

no, silver and gold bordered cards are banned in all formats.

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