MTG: First Turn WIN Combos! Don’t Even Give Your Opponent a Chance

MTG: First Turn WIN Combos! Don’t Even Give Your Opponent a Chance

These combos allow magic the gathering players to win on their first turn! even their first upkeep! amaze your opponents…

 Everyone loves a good game of magic. Every magic player finds them self in a situation where they want to amaze and intimidate their new opponent. This article will constructively demonstrate how to do so, before your opponent even gets to finish their first turn!

Many possible combos to win on the first turn involve very broken cards. some of these cards are called the “Power 9″ and are much stronger than any other cards early in the game. I am not going to go into too much detail on the variations of combos involving Power 9 cards, rather cover some of the more unique approaches…

Enjoy and happy deck building!

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Some first turn win combos:

The Channel Combo:

You will need in your opening hand:

Start off by dropping the Black Lotus and the Mountain. Tap the Black Lotus for three green mana, and cast Healing Leaves. This puts your life total at 23. Next, use the 2 green mana left to cast Channel, paying 20+ life with it. Tap the mountain and empty your mana pool to hit your opponent for lethal damage!

(If you dont have a Black Lotus, Elvish Spirit Guide and Lotus Petal will get the job done as well. It’s just much harder to draw the correct combination of them in your opening hand)


A Mox could also be added as a mana source in this combo.

The Protean Hulk combo:

You will need in your opening hand:

Simply play the Gemstone Caverns (removing an extra card in your hand from the game) and discard Simian Spirit Guide to Flash Protean Hulk into play. It dies (because its cost can not be paid) and ability resolves. Search your deck for four of each of these: (remember, X=0 when a card is not in play)

The X costs on the artifacts can not be paid so the creatures come into play as 0/0’s and immediatly die. 8 artifacts going to the graveyard with 4 Desciple of the Vaults out = 32 lethal first turn damage!! This combo can completely resolve before you even draw a card on your first turn!

The Grapeshot Combo:

You will need in your opening hand:

There are many variations of this combo, and any creature with mana cost 0 works equally as well. The rest of your hand should be full of them. There should be very few other cards in this deck besides them. Start off by dropping your land. (you can substitute a Forest for the City of Brass and a Land Grant to help you get it out.). Tap your land for green mana and cast Glimpse of Nature. Play your creature that costs 0 and draw a card. since your deck is 90 percent creatures that cost 0, you should keep drawing and playing them until you draw into a Grapeshot. Once you have played 20 creatures (make sure you draw them!) Remove your Simian Spirit Guide from the game and use your Lotus Petal to Cast Grapeshot for Lethal Damage. (you don’t necessarily need Simian Spirit Guide or Lotus Petal in your opening hand, you can draw into them, just make sure you do not run out of free creatures to cast!)

The Raging Hatred Combo:

You will need in your opening hand:

(Substitute in Mox’s or lotus petal or Black Lotus for mana if you want)

This one is pretty cool. I’m showing it here using no power 9 cards, but it could utilize more than one of them. Play your swamp, and remove your Simian Spirit Guide. Use the red mana to cast Raging Goblin and the black to cast the Dark Rituals (one after the other, leaving you with 5 black mana in your pool). Play Hatred on your goblin and pay 19 life. Then proceed to attack for 20 lethal damage!

Whew! These might seem like some very complicated and lucky first draws, because they are! The cool thing is, if you have multiple copies of each card in your deck, chances are, you will be able to complete the combo within a couple turns. These are just a few options for first turn wins…there’s many more out there so start experimenting! (haha and mox’s and lotus’s are always helpful)

Feel free to Suggest your Own!!!

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Bob's your Uncle, posted this comment on Apr 1st, 2009

Nice to see someone who actually knows what’s going on with magic on this site. The Chanel combo in particular was pretty widely used in its day. Most of the time, the life gain is just ignored and Blaze is replaced by Fireball or Torch. Also, watch out for force of will.

microwavez, posted this comment on Jul 21st, 2009

there are others in which include the dark ritual with phage the untouchable or w/e but yeah pretty decent but you need alot of luck to draw the right cards

brunsbr103, posted this comment on Dec 10th, 2009

I got one, you will need
1 mountain
1 fury of the horde
1 blazing shoal
2 red cards of your choice
1 red card with a high converted mana cost (I use Akroma)
1 one drop red creature with haste (I use Goblin Guide)

Sharky, posted this comment on Dec 30th, 2009

1x Lotus
1x Mox
1x Elvish Spirit Guide
1x Mountain
1x Bloodlust
1x Ball Lightning
1x Beserk

Drop Lotus, Mox & Land

Lotus = Ball Lightning (6/1)
Mox + Mountain = Blood Lust the ball for (10/1)
Elvish Spirit Guide = Beserk the ball for (20/1)


Got to draw all 7 cards though.

victor, posted this comment on Feb 10th, 2010

Built a deck recently using:
4x Lich’s Mirror
4x Rhystic Tutor (to get mirror on successive cycles)
4x Diabolic Tutor
4x Fabricate
4x Channel
4x Lotus Petal
4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Elvish Spirit Guides
and various other fillers such as X burns spells and specific threat removal (naturalize/diabolic edict)
Channel with the Lich’s Mirror is amazing. It’s not difficult to get 80+ mana in my pool turn 1. Nice to pull it out in multiplayer against a table full of opponents who are playing finely tuned decks. :)

Ryan, posted this comment on Feb 19th, 2010

It seems that with Blaze, you are required to play X amount of mana to do X amount of damage. This is what I’ve read everywhere else on the internet, and if it is true, then that combo will not work. If I am wrong, please give me a link to the official rules on the matter, as I have of yet to find them.

Mike1229, posted this comment on Feb 19th, 2010

X in a mana cost must be declared and payed for (ex. If i want to deal 5 damage, Blaze would cost 6 total mana) 20 life into channel adds 19 to your mana pool, plus a mountain = 19 damage.

this combo isn’t even the most effective of its type…
Try this:
First turn, cast the Black Lotus and lay out the mountain as your land.
Sacrifice the Lotus for 3 green mana.
Use two of the green to cast the Channel and give 19 of your life for 19 colorless mana.
Tap the mountain, this gives you one red, one green and 19 colorless in your mana pool.
Use all this mana to cast a 20 point fireball, your opponent is dead.

robert, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2010

i got a version of the first turn kill…cast 4 ball lightning or groundbraker and loose only 12 life…

u need in the first draw:
-2 reanimate
-1 mox jet or swamp
-2 dark ritual
-1 entomb
-1 claws of gix

…put down mox and claws of gix
—use mox jet to cast 2 dark ritual
…use 1b to cast entomb
…entomb protean hulk
…use 1b to cast reanimate on protean hulk(lose 7 life)
…pay 1c to sacrifice hulk with claws of gix(gain 1 life)
…get 2 ball lightning from hulk ability
…use 1b to cast reanimate again on hulk(lose 7 life)
…use 1c to sacrifice hulk with claws of gix(gain 1 life)
…get 2 more ball lightning from hulk ability
…attack with 4 ball lightning….24 damage

this deck works really well..i also added some buried alive and exhume to make it work if i dont draw my cards

4x dark ritual
4x reanimate
1x entomb (is it really restricted to 1 per deck..cuz i would put4)
2x groundbreaker
2x ball lightning
1x black lotus
1x mox jet
4x claws of gix
2x exhume
4x buried alive
2x protean hulk
3x recurring nigtmare
2x symbiotic wurm
2x arcanis the omnipotent
4x putrid imp

240-185, posted this comment on Mar 7th, 2010

Magic rounds which involve “Black Lotus” will be very short.

Cast your “Black Lotus”.
Look at the opponent running away with your card in his hands.
End of game.

A “Black Lotus” card has a $2,500 value. Not kidding.

kasey, posted this comment on Apr 13th, 2010

opening hand =

4x rite of flame
1x dragonstorm

pull out 4 bogarden hellkites (do 5 direct damage each when they come into play.)
and 1 other dragon of you choice.. I suggest something with haste incase you\’re in a multiplayer game.

– yeah, i have a deck that utilizes this.. and i checked MTG’s website, all cards involved are legal.

Shirase, posted this comment on Apr 28th, 2010

Bloodbraid, how are you going to cast both channel and fireball with a lotus in the first place (2 different color mana), let alone have 1 left over mana (3 mana base between them)? basic arithmetic > you.

KIBATSU 1234, posted this comment on May 9th, 2010


Garry, posted this comment on May 11th, 2010

Things would be so much simpler if one Black Lotus and any of the power Nine was legal and was inexpensive to go out and buy two that they reprinted those cards which they wouldn’t do or three that they made so many of those cards it wouldn’t be nearly impossible to get a hold of one preferably Black Lotus or four that you could use a proxy in one of your decks, but more than likely someone would tell you to screw off if they saw that.

Kevin, posted this comment on Jun 14th, 2010

so much easier…
1 plains
1 black lotus
1 angels grace
1 channel
1 hurricane

very straight forward.

Karl, posted this comment on Oct 10th, 2010

How about
1 Swamp, 4 Dark Rituals, lightning Greaves And phage the Untouchable?
4 Dark Rituals (9 Mana)
Cas lightning greaves for 2, Phage for 7
Attack and Game Over.

Billy, posted this comment on Oct 17th, 2010

Great, now I have a use for my pile of Black Lotuses I’m currently using as toilet paper…

but seriously, I think it’s safe to assume that not many of us have a Black Lotus lying around ($500-3,000 card for a reason), so why don’t we leave the lotus out of this.

and don’t even think about proxying it, no one wants to play against a $10,000 proxy deck

Garry is right about the lotus, and makes a great mod (unless his last name is oak and, in that case i hate him and his companion cube gym badge)

also, dragonstorm is good but in addition to the bogardans, i would put some hellkite overlords in case one was in opening hand.
4 dragonstorm
4 rite of flame
4 manamorphose
4 desperate ritual
4 pyretic ritual
4 seething song
4 browbeat
4 simian spirit guide
4 bogardan hellkite
4 hellkite overlord
4 elvish spirit guide
16 mountain

the strategy is simple, mana exel to dragon storm, and browbeat for drawing (one might want to add some serum powders as well, and lava spikes are fun for splicing as well as mking people chose to let you draw with browbeat)

also, if anyone trys a proxy version of this deck and likes it, it should cost 50 to $100 to make and i would like to know what people think about this deck

Eric Streed, posted this comment on Oct 27th, 2010

Turn Three Mill Win:
Your 1st: Leyline of Anticipation, Plains, use Plains to bring out Hada Freeblade
Your 2nd Turn: Forest, summon Harabaz Druid
Opponents 2nd turn: Tap Harabaz Druid for two and play another Harabaz Druid
Your 3rd Turn: Play Halimar Excavator, tap both Harabaz Druids, play Rite of Replication and kick it to mill for 324 cards

InfectComboTurn1, posted this comment on Nov 1st, 2010

Yeah, you don\\\\\\\’t need Healing Leaves for the Fireball combo. Black Lotus will make 3 green and you only need 2 for channel, meaning you\\\\\\\’ll have 1 extra green mana to put into the X cost of Fireball. That 1 green mana plus the 19 from colorless will make up the 20 for X and the Mountain will be the red mana for Fireball.

I created my own first turn combo as well.
You start off with an island and cast careful study. You discard one of several creatures (I personally like Pathrazer of Ulamog best) and a Dragon Breath. You can then use either a Black Lotus or a Lotus Petal into a Dark Ritual to use Exhume (or Reanimate, w/e) to put your Pathrazer into play. Dragon Breath comes onto it from the graveyard, giving it haste. With the last floating black mana, use Tainted Strike to give it an extra 1/ 0 and Infect, meaning it\\\\\\\’ll attack for 10 poison counters and win the game.

InfectComboTurn1, posted this comment on Nov 1st, 2010

Oh yeah and I forgot about the Leyline kill. You stack your deck with 4 kinds of every Layline and use Serra’s Sanctum to get out Opalescence, then swing for the win. The deck also uses Serum Powder to get a free redraw if your hand couldn’t kill on the first turn. It also uses Forests and Crop Rotations to make sure you get Serra’s Sanctum out. Lastly, it uses an Idyllic Tutor to make sure you get Opalescence out. The article is:

Ryan, posted this comment on Nov 10th, 2010

First turn win
1 raging goblin
1 rite to flame/ lotus petal/ simian spirit guide
1 blazing shoal
1 decree of annihilation
1 mountain
1 assault strobe

magicrich, posted this comment on Nov 14th, 2010

can someone please explain how this wins on turn 1

Built a deck recently using:
4x Lich’s Mirror
4x Rhystic Tutor (to get mirror on successive cycles)
4x Diabolic Tutor
4x Fabricate
4x Channel
4x Lotus Petal
4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Elvish Spirit Guides
and various other fillers such as X burns spells and specific threat removal (naturalize/diabolic edict)
Channel with the Lich’s Mirror is amazing. It’s not difficult to get 80+ mana in my pool turn 1

i just cant see it!

alan, posted this comment on Nov 29th, 2010

here’s another one,
1. drop a mountain
2. tap mountain to play mass hystaria (all creatures have haste)
3. play black lotus, use it to get 3 swamps
4. use two of the swamps to pay for two dark rituals (you now have 7 swamps)
5. use the swamps to play phage the untouchable (when she deals combat damage to a player, that player looses the game)
6. attack with phage the untouchable

Douche, posted this comment on Dec 20th, 2010

Here’s another one.
0. Agree that no player may leave their seat for the duration of the game.
1. drop a mountain
2. tap mountain to play raging goblin
3. grab your opponents deck and hurl it as far into the distance as you can.
4. End your turn.

zepzep, posted this comment on Jan 30th, 2011

Hi does anyone know that is there any similar cards to protean hulk?? something like total converted mana cost could be like 2 or 3 even 1 is ok.. im just asking cause i havent seen any.. it would very useful to me but protean hulks mana cost is too expensive for me to use.. thank u!

Demigod of Vengeance, posted this comment on Feb 18th, 2011


Dpac, posted this comment on Mar 16th, 2011

how about this:

Dark Ritual
Funeral Charm
Lotus petal

Play Swamp then play Dark Ritual.
Play Funeral Charm, targeting self, discard Putrefax
Play Reanimate, put putrefax to play
Use Lotus petal to get green mana, play berserk on putrefax…

Swing and deals 10 poison counter to opponent..

MagicMan, posted this comment on May 10th, 2011

Ok, I’ve got a question about the hatred card strategy. Ok I can follow it when you play your swamp, get your mountain by sacrificing simian spirit guide. then you play a raging goblin for one. next you play a dark ritual for your swamp, leaving you with 3 mana. which is not enough to play hatred. How do you end up with 5 mana as you state?

Mike1229, posted this comment on May 10th, 2011

you will need 2 dark rituals to be cast

Nathan, posted this comment on May 11th, 2011

This is a first turn kill decks that is pretty fun to play:

4 Fastbond
4 Zuran Orb
4 Crucible of Worlds
4 Demonic Tutor
4 Enlightened Tutor
4 Vampiric Tutor
4 Fireball
4 Glacial Chasm
4 Gemstone Caverns
4 Gemstone Mine
4 City of Brass
4 Tarnished Citadel
4 Ghost Quarter
8 forest

Play a land and cast Fastbond; play three more land (take 3 dmg) and cast Crucible of Worlds; cast Zuran Orb. Now activate Zuran Orb, sac all your land and play them from your graveyard for infinite mana and life. Then play Fireball to kill all your opponents. This deck is ment to go off on first turn, but I designed it to go off by third turn.

Nathan, posted this comment on May 11th, 2011

This is a deck built around Torpor Orb:

4 Phyrexian Dreadnought
4 Eater of Days
4 Leveler
4 Boldwyr Heavyweights
4 Hunted Horror
4 Joiner Adept
4 Orochi Leafcaller
4 Torpor Orb
4 Dark Ritual
4 Demonic Tutors

First turn play a Swamp; cast Dark Ritual; with two of your floating black mana cast Torpor Orb; then use your last black mana to cast Phyrexian Dreadnought.. BAM!!! a 12/12 Trample first turn

Thatguyoverthere, posted this comment on May 12th, 2011

@the comment above

Another way to get the Dreadnoght first round.
Land, Chrome Mox(or Lotus Petal or whatever, you just need one mana), play Phyrexian Dreadnought, counter it’s ability with stifle. With Black Lotus you can even get two Phyrexian Dreadnoughts first turn.
Land, Black Lotus=4 Mana, 2x Dreadnought, 2x Stifle
if you go for only one, there’s space for a FOW plus blue card in your hand to protect it.

Thatguyoverthere, posted this comment on May 12th, 2011

you need:
Grimoire Thief
Paradise Mantle
Freedom from the Real/Pemmin’s Aura(I prefer the latter since you can protect the thief till you draw the mantle)

Goes like this:
Equip Grimoire Thief with the mantle and ffr/pa
Tap for one mana, use the mana to untap with ffa/pa, tap again and so forth. Whenever the thief getts tapped you may exile the top 3 cards of your opponent’s library.

Add 4 Enlightened Tutors and you’ll be able to play this combo very early in the game.

Imma build that deck right away, since those cards are very cheap to buy^

Glistener Infect, posted this comment on Jul 21st, 2011

I use a famous infect combo in casual games and it really works well in the various T1 kills that i made:
Glistener Elf + Assault Strobe + Groundswell + Black Lotus + Mountain + Lanowar Augur (considering the opponent have a 1 drop creature in play).

Sir Zapdos, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2011

@Glisterner Infect: Copied from, and almost with the same words, also, thats not a T1 kill, the Glistener Elf dont have haste:

levi, posted this comment on Apr 9th, 2012

False cure+ Beacon of immortality combo
2. black 5. 1 white = 8 mana
you will need in your hand
1 black lotus- choose swamp
1 plains
2 dark rituals
1 false cure
1 beacon of immortality
1 – play plains
2- then play black lotus choose swamp
3- cast your dark rituals for 2
4- cast false cure ( until end of turn: whenever a player gains 1 life they loose 2 life for each 1 life gained)
5- cast beacon of immortality on opponent and double there life total – game over- u win!!!!!
I use the false cure + beacon of immortality combo by turn 4 very often
2 swamp
1 plains
1 lake of the dead
1 dark ritual
1 false cure
1 beacon of immortality

get 2 swamp and a plains out- then tap all three play lake of the dead sacrifice 1 swamp to play then sacrifice the other swamp to give 4 black manna play dark ritual then play false cure+beacon of immortality -game-

Blake, posted this comment on Dec 11th, 2012

2x Dark Rituals
1x Swamp
1x Leyline of the Void
1x Helm of Obediece
They get milled to death because they no card enters their graveyard

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