Mtg: The Top 10 Artifacts of All Time!

Mtg: The Top 10 Artifacts of All Time!

These colorless bombs will define the game, and when used together, will end the game before it even gets started!

when asked what the best artifact cards in the game are, a newer player may respond with something like “Darksteel Colossus“. While this may be one of the most eye catching cards in the casual scene, it is not the flashy artifacts that are the best. In fact, the colossus may not even make the top 50! This article recalls the most powerful, broken, banned and game making artifacts in the game, many of whom work behind the scenes!

#10 – Sensei’s Divining Top – Uncommon / Mythic

The best card to come out of the Kamigawa block, Sensei’s Divining top was banned in standard soon after it was printed. It is currently restricted. With the ability to dictate what cards you draw and the ability to fetch them early, the top was quite a pull, even if it was an uncommon (or came in a starter deck!).

#9 – Skullclamp- Uncommon / Mythic

Much like the Top, Skullclamp was quickly banned in standard after it’s printing. The card advantage it presented was just far to powerful. Basicaly for 1 mana and the cost of a disposable creature, you could draw 2 cards, which quickly and completely threw off the tempo of the game!

#8 – Time Vault – Rare

The thing that makes Time Vault special is the amount of time it was banned.Many cards have been restricted for their entire printing (or almost), but this is the card to spend the most time on the banned list. Unfortunately when it became un-banned (it is now restricted to 1 in type 1 only), there were many first turn win combos running rampant and the cost of a turn proved a little pricey. None the less, Time Vault is an awesome cast.

#7 – Grim Monolith – Rare

Because of its interactions with other cards and its power in its block, Grim Monolith ranks 7th on this list. It is a necessity that this card be in a deck that is very high powered and full of combos. The root of infinite mana combos, this card acts as a larger Sol Ring and still sells for a pretty penny.

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Drakdrium13, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2010

Good list dude. I’d put time vault further up and Voltaic Key a lot further down. Is Mox Diamond included in the “moxes” spot?

Mike1229, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2010

I wouldn’t call mox diamond nearly as good as the others, but situationaly i guess it’s just as, if not more useable. Tarmogoyf?

Joe, posted this comment on Apr 3rd, 2010

Can voltaic key be used with time vault for infinite turns?

Mike1229, posted this comment on Apr 4th, 2010


jordon morrissey, posted this comment on Apr 28th, 2010

I have a few issues with your list, I’m a fairly competitive magic player and I s’pose you could say I know what I’m talking about.

sensei’s devining top was never banned in standard, it defined the format after affinity was nerfed but it never ever was banned in standard. It was however banned in extended last year sometime because manual operation of it took way too long.

skullclamp was too format defining in a grand prix immediatly after its printing, the three top decks were, elfclamp, goblin clamp, and skullclamp affinity. so they banned it.

Time vault should be much higher and key much lower like drakdrium said. This list is a bit sloppy but im too tired to trawl through it again. interesting read tho.

Ours, posted this comment on Apr 30th, 2010

no place for Jitte ?????
sure it is not a combo tool but it remains by far the best equipement ever printer, it should be mentioned

Babaobaoboxo, posted this comment on Dec 4th, 2010

This kind of topic is often controversial, but not mentioning Chaos Orb is beyond that. CO is probably the best removal ever printed, since every deck (it works with colorless mana) could use it to destroy multiple permanents of every kind.
Colorless, no drawback, multiple permanent destruction, just 3 mana to cast and use it.
Grim Monolith? Ok it was a powerful card in its block, like Phyrexian Processor, Metalworker, Yawgmoth’s Will, Tinker, Tolarian Academy and many others. But the infinite mana combo can be obtained in many different ways, Metalworker+Staff of Domination (just to stay in the artifact topic) not only reaches the same goal, but also allows to draw as many cards as you want.
No Mana Crypt? It’s pretty much a copy of Sol Ring, with a better 1st turn acceleration, but a long term drawback.

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