The Best Art in Magic The Gathering

The Best Art in Magic The Gathering

In a game fueled by imagination, illustration is a crucial part of MTG. Known for having some of the best fantasy art out there, artists have been working to make Magic the best of the best for nearly 20 years!

Of course is is impossible to declare a “top 20″ list of the best illustrations in Magic the Gathering. With thousands of variations in artwork throughout over thirty expansions to the original game, there is just no way to make a decision on which card is the “best”. Every person has their own taste. This article highlights what I believe to be some of the most talented and imaginative art in the game.  These cards make the game of Magic that much more intriguing and without them the flavor of the game would be lost. Many of these artists have been working for MTG for many years, while some only make an appearance. Your feedback is appreciated!

Oh, and I did I mention this article covers only the non-land cards? Land has been stealing the show in the art department for many a year. We can just all assume that there are just as many deserving lands out there as non-land cards on this list! Now, back to business…

Staring things off with a bang. In my opinion, Scott M. Fischer is pretty much the best character artist out there. His use of color and beauty really capture the imagination in the game. Cards like Pristine Angel and Savra are Captivating in appearance and sort of give off a feeling of forbidding. Fisher’s art brings these cards to life!

For those whom are familiar with the original version of this card (Time Walk), you’ll notice an eerie resemblance. Jeremy Jarvis not only is an awesome artists, he’s an awesome art director for Magic the Gathering as well!

A crowd favorite, Greg Staples also is a key component in the imagination behind MTG. Ernham Djinn is, in my opinion, his best piece. Partly because of the style and power of the art and partly because Ernham Djinn looks like my old boss when I worked as a sports instructor for kids.

An artist that has been with the game since the beginning, Ron Spencer has contributed to over 225 different Magic cards. Starting with his first piece for the game (Terror), he has never let up. His style is unmissable and Minds desire is very characteristic of his style. Fun fact of the day: Ron Spencer’s sister, Terese Neilson also is an artist for MTG!

Another favorite artist is Mark Tedin. Polar Kraken is very characteristic of his style. Mark Tedin has been Illustrating MTG for the entire length of its printing and has had art in nearly every set. A personal friend of Anson Maddocks, the two of them are partially responsible for the eye catching ability of early cards. While Anson Maddocks has not had any recent art printed, Tedin has most recently had his art featured on the famous Emrakul

Blazing Archon radiates power and the picture itself is an adrenaline rush. Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai began having art appear in MTG around the Ravnica block and have been a quintessential part of the game ever since. This card is, in my opinion, the best illustrated by the pair.

there are many artists and everyone loves different cards for different reasons. If you have any particular favorites of your own, please leave a comment!

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Alchemistnarutoz, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2010

I do like Rebbeca Guay. DOnt know any other artist, though.

Thougar, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2010

What about Novablast Wurm? That is my favorite card of all time!

pinkfuzzypanda, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2010

The best of Rebbeca Guay would be great!

guest, posted this comment on Sep 2nd, 2010

Needs more circle of protection black from original editions

Mirran, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2010

John Avon… I like his illustrations the best. Ever got a close look at Starlight? He also did a lot of basic lands, including the Unhinged Forest. I got four of them just because of the art. : )

marcus, posted this comment on Oct 25th, 2010

richard kane ferguson!!!

Alex Karrfalt, posted this comment on Dec 24th, 2010

Mark Zug illustrates the best MTG cards ever. not only is the art fantastic, but the cards themselves are usually awesome. Case in point – Molimo Maro-Sorcerer. 4GG for a */* with trample whose power and toughness is equal to the number of lands you control. win.

Neilvert Noval, posted this comment on Jan 13th, 2011

I played Magic The Gathering before. And I have been interested of trading cards/game cards.

KP, posted this comment on Feb 22nd, 2011

Nice article, Magic has had a lot of cool artwork over the years. A personal favorite of mine is Wayne England (artwork for Worldgorger Dragon and Stone Tongue Basilisk), his creatures captured what makes reptiles and dragons scary.

Tiamat, posted this comment on Jul 3rd, 2011

Aleksi Briclot !!!

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