The Invasion Block: The Best of Invasion, Planeshift and Apocalypse

The Invasion Block: The Best of Invasion, Planeshift and Apocalypse

A review of the Magic the Gathering set! The best cards in Invasion, Planeshift, and Apocalypse…

The Invasion Block brought back sort of a retro approach to the game. While it had many new mechanics and tricks, it also brought back some earlier mechanics that have not been seen for several blocks…

Invasion – 2000

Yep, the picture above is not a mistake. Invasion introduced the mechanic of the split card. Just like the cards themselves, collectors were split on whether they were a good idea. The split cards function independently and can be cast as one side or the other. New cards with “Kicker” costs were also printed. Some cards now became more powerful if you spent more mana for them! Multicolor strategy was also brought back in Invasion. Invasion did not take the steps forward like Prophecy did for the game, but none the less was a healthy expansion. A standout part of the set was a cycle pf muticolored dragons that were, as a whole, definitely the strongest offensive part of the set. The Invasion Dragons are very popular cards to use in the EDH format of Magic. Characters from the storyline depicted in many previous sets began to make appearances as legendary creatures as well. If to be compared to another set of MTG, Invasion looks like a modernized “Legends”.

Invasion really had no standout cards. As good as the dragon cycle was, it was not playable enough to be widely used. Reya Dawnbringer is quite possibly the most famous card in the set. She is an Angel that brings a creature back from your graveyard to play each turn! Unfortunately she costs 9 mana to cast and is tough to play. So, the best card in the set chosen here is arguable. The chosen card that follows is unique and a situational game saver. It can be comboed with many other cards to create a very strong strategy! The cool part is, its only uncommon!

Sterling Grove – Uncommon

Runners up :  Reya Dawnbringer, Washout, Armadillo Cloak

Planeshift – 2001

Planeshift seemed to have brought more to the table than Invasion did. With powerful new abilities such as “Gating”, there were some very powerful strategy within the expansion. Gating is a fancy term used to describe creatures that return another to your hand as part of the cost to play it. A cycle of powerful commons was also printed. Dubbed the “Familiars” these cards are still widely used today. They reduce the mana cost of other cards you play. Planeshift was a strong set that was a little darker in flavor than the previous few. It is much better as a whole than Invasion in my opinion. Planeshift also contains the card with the largest converted mana cost in the game. “Draco” costs a whopping 16 mana to play if done correctly!

There are many more good rares in this set than the previous. What if there was a way to make your opponent skip the majority of their turn?! There is now with this amazing $20.00 dollar card. Pretty much the only card with a kicker cost worth playing nowadays, this card is hands down the best one in the set…

Orim’s Chant – Rare

Runners up : Meddling Mage & Lord of the Undead

Apocalypse – 2001

Apocalypse is an appropriate name for the set that ends the the story that has been ongoing for several years. Multicolor is more useful than ever and enemy colors (such as black and white or red and green) are becoming more useful together. Twisted strategy and unique creatures fill this set. Gerrard even finally makes his physical appearance on a card in this last set of the Invasion Block.

As strange, chaotic and new as this set is it really is not very strong in play today. Lands that add opposite colors of mana to your mana pool make their first appearance in the game. For the small price of 1 life per mana, lands become a whole lot more versatile. The most popular card in the set can put an end to any chaos. It simply and effectively gets the job done but is slowly being matched by cards from other sets…

Vindicate – Rare

Runners up : Pernicious Deed & The rare lands

Apocalypse puts a strong finish to the Invasion Block. The Odyssey Block follows with a whole new story line and approach. To some players Odyssey served as a breath of fresh air from what was becoming a redundant block. Others were sad to see the popular theme and characters go… Click here to read on about Odyssey!

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