The Largest Mana Costs in Magic the Gathering, Top 10

The Largest Mana Costs in Magic the Gathering, Top 10

These are the largest costs printed on any magic the gathering card. These are the most expensive cards ever printed.

Only a handful of Magic Cards have been printed with converted mana costs over 10. This article documents the largest costs on any cards ever printed. Not necessarily the scariest cards ever printed, some of these cards are perfect illistrations of the cliche’ “too much of a good thing”. Enjoy…

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Honorable Mention #1

Ancestral Tribune – Odyssey – 2001

This Card initially only costs 7 (whew) but its flashback cost is what makes it stand out. 12 mana for how much life!?? Just hard-cast Heros Remembered if you’ve got that much mana to spend on life.

Honorable Mention #2

Crush of Wurms – Judgement – 2002

This card is along the same lines of the earlier one, but a teeny bit more rational to play. 6/6 Wurms can make a huge dent in an opponent, and deep into the game if a deck is running this card, other mechanics will surely be helping it out.

Darksteel Colossus – Fifth Dawn – 2004

Eleven mana for this guy is a fair trade. Wow, what a beast! Since it’s mana cost is purely colorless that makes it even easier to get this one out. No doubt, Darksteel Colossus is the last card on this list that can be argued as an  ”amazing card”.

Mycosynth Golem – Fifth Dawn – 2004 

Darksteel colossus’s Fifth Dawn counterpart in mana, this guy is much easier to play. In fact, there will almost never be a time when this one is cast for his full mana cost. Giving all your other artifacts affinity can also mean game over for your opponents. I lied. This is the last “amazing card”

Polar Kraken – Ice Age – 1995

The flavor text on this big guy says it all. Polar Kraken was the largest cast in Magic the Gathering for nearly 7 years. Personally, this is one of my favorites. I don’t care how irrational it is to play. I run one in a good blue deck and he still sees adequate playing time. God Bless High Tide!

Hypnox – Torment – 2002

Another cast that, if accomplished (get your Bubbling Mucks ready) can quickly mean the game for your opponent. Hypnox is cooler than it is good in my opinion. I can think of about 1000 other ways to win faster with black, but it can definitely add some umph to a slow deck with an alternate win condition.

Iname as One – Saviors of Kamigawa – 2005

Yuck. This card bottomed out and can be found in bargain bins around the country, much like most of the set it is from. A very disappointing cast for being a main part of its blocks story line, I’m sorry to say that it is one of the worst rares in the set. 12 mana for an 8/8? If you want to search your deck for stuff playing with these colors, how about a little Elvish Piper- Tutor combo? You’ll save yourself 8 mana. or more.

Blinkmoth Infusion – Fifth Dawn – 2004

This card has got to have some use. I’m not a huge artifact guy myself, but I see a lot of mana being generated with this card. At the same time I see a blue instant for 14!! What a card to have in your first hand. bleh.

Autochthon Wurm – Ravnica – 2005

Woa. This card has the largest printed attack or defense in the game. Convoking it would be great if it were being played in its Ravnica setting, but otherwise, this guy is so big hes pretty hard to make use of.

Draco – Planeshift – 2001

Draco’s converted mana cost of 16 is the largest printed on any card, however, he usually costs much less to play. Again though, is he REALLY worth it? Draco is a conversation piece, collectors item, and occasionally a 9/9 flier for 6, But very rarely. Nonetheless, he beats the @#$& out of Iname.

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wilson, posted this comment on Nov 23rd, 2009

what about

B.F.M. Big Furry Monster

hes a two card creature, but still has a high mana cost- 15

monoman, posted this comment on Nov 27th, 2009

@wilson I don’t think quazen includes Unglued and the like in their lists, but if they did, you would be right. As for the list, the only thing that I would change is that I would switch Darksteel Colossus and Mycosynth Golem. I also noticed, besides the above mentioned Golems, that these cards are mostly uesless.

Derek, posted this comment on Jan 11th, 2010

reaper king has a higher mana cost than crush of wurms

ray, posted this comment on Apr 20th, 2010

would have been nice if you had added pictures of the cards because i don’t know all magic cards by heart… sorry but i don’t.

mogura, posted this comment on May 17th, 2010

It’s unhinged, but it bears mentioning because of its potential use w/ Spellbound Dragon in non-tournament play:

Gleemax (1,000,000)

Legendary Artifact

You choose all targets for all spells and abilities.

Discard that when Spellbound Dragon is declared as an attacker and watch your opponent’s eyes pop.

brett, posted this comment on Dec 11th, 2010

What happened to emrakul!!!

Redsa21, posted this comment on Jul 28th, 2011

Ray there r pix of the cards just look

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