Top 10 MTG Removal Spells

Top 10 MTG Removal Spells

These cards remove creatures from the game entirely!

These following cards are the top 10 removal spells I could find in MTG. Once a creature is removed with one of these spell there is no getting it back, no matter what. These are some of the most powerful cards in the game… “Destroy spells” are omitted.

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Eradicate – Betrayers – Uncommon

An effective removal spell, for 4 mana. Too bad it’s for non-black creatures only. This card reminds me of lobotomy a little.


Exile – Alliances, 6th ed. – Rare

This win-win card is awesome! Except against white, it essentially reverses the damage that big annoying creature was about to deal to you. This card can change the course of a close game and really only has the drawback of not removing white creatures… which are 20% of the time… yuck

Crib Swap – Lorowyn – Uncommon

Whats better than replacing that 10/10 flier that’s been bugging you with a helpless little 1/1 changeling? I don’t really understand the flavor of this card, but none the less is is an effective removal method.

Faceless Butcher – Torment – Common

Faceless Butcher is unique because it is a creature. One of the most widely known commons in the game, it has seen a lot of playing time. It trades for a creature, unlike many of the other torment horrors that trade for a card in hand or a land. This card gives a major creature advantage!

Final Judgement – Betrayers – Rare

Wow, this guy pretty much speaks for himself. Goodbye everything. As if Wrath of God didn’t kill things hard enough. It could never live up to its early counterpart because of the heavy mana cost.

Oubliette – Arabian Nights – Common

One of the most overlooked and unknown removal methods in the game, Oubliette deserves some recognition as one of the first removal methods in the game. Just shield it from disenchant!

Oblivion Ring – Shards of Alara, Lorowyn – Common

Oubliette lives on in this better version of the early card. O-ring allows its caster to remove almost any permanent bothering you from the game. Like the Arabian Nights version though, it has the potential to return to play whatever it removed.

Unmake – Eventide – Common

One of my personal favorites, Unmake gets straight to the point. Great for white and black decks alike, this powerful card kicks Dark Banishing’s butt.

Path to Exile – Conflux – Uncommon

A very controversial pick, I’m sure. Path to Exile comes in at a close second. A 1 drop removal spell only exists in one other instance. The drawback provides an acceleration to the opponent and early in the game, especially against a multicolor deck, can prove very risky to play. Late in the game though, this card can’t go wrong! You could even go ahead and shoot it at one of your own tokens to get that land that has been alluding you.

Swords to Plowshares – Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, 4th ed, Ice Age, Coldsnap Reprint – Uncommon

Not only is Swords to Plowshares the best removal card in the game, it is also the first. Debuting in Alpha, this card has been kicking major butt for many many years. The opposite of Path to Exile, this card is safer to play at the beginning of the game. It is also part of many popular infinite life combos! (secret tho those looking for this card: it comes in the Coldsnap Reprint Decks!)

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this is a list of removal cards thats why there isn\’t doomblade or terminate, those are destroy cards i hope this help those who look this list later on

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