Top 10 MTG Zombies

Top 10 MTG Zombies

Over 200 creatures of the zombie type have been printed in Magic the Gathering. these are the 10 best ones I could find…

Ah zombies, a popular creature type that has been creepily destroying other decks in magic since the games premier. So you might ask, “What are the best zombies ever printed?”. We’ve broke down the list and have discovered the top 10… Ladies and gentlemen and zombies alike, hold onto your hats (or heads). Here are the best of the best…

Before we start this countdown though, there is one card that deserves an honorable mention:

Call to the Grave – Scourge

This is a must in all zombie decks, and although it is not a zombie creature, may be the best zombie oriented card ever printed. I have lost tens of games to this card. A crucial win condition in any zombie deck. ahh! I hate playing against this card!

…And now for the top 10…

Noxious Ghoul – Legions

This gruesome guy effectively wipes the board of small creatures every time another zombie comes into play, eliminating chump blockers and, in some cases, the other players entire strategy! For 5 Mana this zombie is a good cast.

Lord of the Undead – 10th Edition

Lord of the undead provides a quick boost to your early game creatures. Bringing things back from the graveyard can be helpful at any time in the game and proves to be a versatile ability on this card. 3 mana? not bad either.

Death Baron – Shards of Alara

A close match to #9, deathtouch edges this guy out for the #8 spot. Again 3 mana is a great cost for a card with such an ability. And, if for some reason, you’re playing withskeletons, Death baron is your man…thing.

Vengeful Dead – Scourge

Vengeful dead is a great card. Every time a zombie goes to the graveyard, each opponent is dinged for 1 life. This adds up fast, especialy if you are playing another zombie deck! Also this guy is a big attacker for little mana. If he dies, oh well… he goes out with a bang hitting everyone else for another 1 damage.

Liked it
Unyaor Bees, posted this comment on Mar 25th, 2009

I think that Shepherd of Rot is cool too

marky hammily, posted this comment on Apr 16th, 2009

idk zombies cost to much to summon. and they’ll probably be gone by M10.

meh, posted this comment on Apr 19th, 2009

zombie trailblazer is godly bbb 2/2 tap a zombie target land becoms a swanp til end of turn, tap a zombie target zombie gains swampwalk til end of turn. not only can you screw up their land and turn it all to swamps it lets you give zombies swampwalk. how is that not awesome?

Fabio, posted this comment on May 17th, 2009

Hey. Why have you changed Scathe Zombies Power and Toughness(and mana cost). I can see the editing marks… :D it’s always 2/2, 2B. Thats just stupid… The numbers aren’t even anti-aliased… lol.

Heres a video about this card:

abc, posted this comment on May 17th, 2009

are you dumb? haha READ the article

plie, posted this comment on May 23rd, 2009

Won lot’s of batles with the warchief, thx for the great article :)

Robert-san, posted this comment on Sep 23rd, 2009

Undead Warchief is great i had two of them out with 6 other zombie creatures averageing around 7/6 for each creature. plus the 1/ 1 and deathtouch from death baron. easy win

MSquared, posted this comment on Sep 24th, 2009

Got to include Carnophage & Sangrophage…hard to stop when they attack on turn 1 & 2, and if you don’t want to pay the life-upkeep cost, sacrifice them for something bigger.

MSquared, posted this comment on Sep 24th, 2009

Many of the listed creatures have such a high casting cost, they rarely see the light of day.

TheOSC, posted this comment on Nov 17th, 2009

to MSquared if you think that the high cost keeps you from playing you obviously never ran a zombie deck they are amazingly versatile and easy to get out…

Auebothiabathabaithobeuee, posted this comment on Nov 24th, 2009

This would only work out for Vintage format, but just imagine playing Tombstone Stairwell with Vengeful Dead. You would be burying mass zombie tokens each turn you had Tombstone Stairwell working.

Vince, posted this comment on Dec 8th, 2009

I know these cards are the best. But almost all of them can’t be played anymore. I play a zombie deck myself, but it’s not too good because the best zombies are to old and can’t be played anymore.

Bas, posted this comment on Jan 7th, 2010

There are some good zombies in this deck, but like said before, some of them are just too damn expensive to play.

Ah well, there are many different types of zombiedecks so maybe it is just impossible to say which zombies are best and it’s just a matter of opinion…

Icuonuez, posted this comment on Feb 15th, 2010

Zombies are so overpowered. Besides slivers, they are the most broken cards out. 4 Cemetary Reapers, Death Barons, Lords of the Undead, and Undead Warchiefs bring up just about every zombie on the field by +20/+16! Not to mention Cover of Darkness and Zombie Master make your Zombies almost completely unblockable, save artifacts, but that’s why Death Baron has deathtouch. If that isn’t broken, I don’t know what is (besides slivers)

Bas, posted this comment on Mar 20th, 2010

lol too epxensive????
-dark ritual
-bubbling muck
-cabal ritual
-cabal coffers
-songs of the damned

you choose :S

k, posted this comment on May 22nd, 2010

any thoughts Cemetary Reaper? it seems like a better version of Lord of the Undead

Mike1229, posted this comment on May 23rd, 2010

lord of the undead can bring back peices of a combo (ie Gempalm Polluter) where the reaper just provides you with chump tokens

zac, posted this comment on Aug 26th, 2010

The Scathe Zombie is a 2/2 and it cost one swamp and two others. not one swamp and it is for sure not a 6/4

Mike1229, posted this comment on Aug 26th, 2010

^^ Please read the article

Josh, posted this comment on Sep 1st, 2010

grave titan, wooooooo

Deust, posted this comment on Oct 2nd, 2010

Gempalm polluter
not to play to cycle to look it up >:D zombies arent just for beating people with now

belialbehemoth, posted this comment on Oct 3rd, 2010

dude wheres soulless one

Carl, posted this comment on Oct 23rd, 2010

i can like the Death Baron

Undead Kenshin, posted this comment on Apr 21st, 2011

Grave titan(tokens) Gravespawn Sovereign= big zombie army ive won quite a few with that combo

ben, posted this comment on Jul 3rd, 2011

cover of darkness with phage the untouchable! I\’ve won countless times like that.

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